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  • Portland shells out with Easter egg hunt

    This Easter, 50 eggs will be hidden at the Pix Patisserie in Portland, each of which contains a golden ticket.

  • Portland women to get on their bikes

    Today in Portland, a Women Biking for Change event is offering a lunch and learn session, which will focus on the National Womens Bicycling Forum taking place this year and will also celebrate Womens History Month.

  • Small Fire kindles in Portland

    A Small Fire is a theatrical performance written by Adam Bock, and is a study in humanity that is funny, raucous, and touching, featuring a story about love and happiness when all else appears to be lost. Printing services may have been used to make this performance, which runs for almost a full month, available to this community.

  • Kids to be over the moon with performance

    Coming to an end in Portland this weekend, Goodnight Moon is a production by the Northwest Childrens Theatre that was scripted with music by Chad Henry. This production is based on a book by the renowned Margaret Wise Brown and is perfect for children.

  • Volcano Choir set to erupt next week

    Four years since the release of their first album Unmap which provided insight into the mindset of the band Volcano Choir, their new album Repave brings the group into sharp focus as a gifted rock band. No doubt poster printing companies in the area are currently being asked to let people know that the group will be performing in Portland next week.

  • Portland theater fans can enjoy Enjoy

    The production Enjoy gets underway this evening and is a hip comedy designed to shake up the audience while infuriating, annoying, challenging, and rewarding them all at the same time.

  • Cole to warm the hearts of Portland music fans

    A Natalie Cole Christmas brings a much-admired singer back to the area to put her own special touch to the festive holiday season.

  • Rock violinist to swoop in this weekend

    Taking place over this weekend is the 13th Annual Holiday Concert Series, and this year will feature concert rock violinist Aaron Meyer, performing three shows for the listening enjoyment of the audience. Poster printing might have been the method chosen to promote this lively holiday special to people in the region.

  • Animation given real-life makeover in Portland

    Rudolph on Stage is being presented by the same group who performed the play Road House and The Lost Boys Live, as is bringing a classic Christmas stop-motion tale to life through a performance by living people.

  • Portlands prepared for its yuletide highlight

    Christmas at the Victoria Mansion has been one of the seasons highlights in Portland in previous years, and this years theme is Joy to the World. Postcard printing may have been used to promote this exciting event, which has run for the last three decades, to the people of Portland and surrounding communities.